Pixofy is an augmented reality furniture shopping platform that aggregates different furniture stores and their products all in one place.

Pixofy is here to transform your furniture shopping experience by allowing you to shop and see furniture pieces at the comfort of your home. Just search for your ideal furniture and click on the AR Experience button to see life-size virtual furniture in different colours and with animation. See how the cabinet doors swing open and how much space they take up to avoid those regrettable moments. When ready, just check out and order through Pixofy.

How to use:
Shop for ideal furniture
Click on AR Experience button
Move device around an empty floor to scan and detect
Rotate, move and choose different colours
Add as many items as you need
Check out and order

For the best augmented reality experience:
Ensure room is well lit
Operate on iPhone 7 and after
Avoid glossy or reflective surface