The most common teaching method is direct communication between teachers and students, and traditionally, large classes taught in lecture settings (i.e. with 100 or more students) are unidirectional in the presentation of teaching materials through PowerPoint, handouts, websites, etc. It therefore becomes difficult for students to thoroughly understand three-dimensional concepts, for example, laboratory safety and rules, the manufacturing process of textiles, food processing etc., when a two-dimensional medium is used for teaching. Student ratings tend to be lower and they engage less during lectures when traditional methods of presenting teaching materials are used in these situations.

This mobile application can be used to address the above instructional challenges. A combination of multimedia information such as 3D models, images, textual information. videos, animation and sound, can be superimposed into the lecture-based learning environment through augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (AR).

Download now and try to use this app to improve quality of teaching and learning by using virtual learning scenarios.